Japan Study Abroad: Post Eighteen

Today was a pretty relaxing day.


Hello, and welcome back to our study abroad in Japan blog! Today was a pretty relaxing day. We took a train to Odaiba and did some exploring and sightseeing. In Odaiba, there is a miniature Lady Liberty! That was truly interesting to see, as a sort of allusion to our homeland. Then, we proceeded to explore the mall area, and get some food. I went with some friends to have Thai food. As far as this specific experience goes, I must say, I’m usually very optimistic, however, I LOVE spicy food. Spicy food is not incredibly popular in Japan, generally. Therefore, when I added as much spice to my food as I normally would, I found myself a bit disappointed, as the food then became incredibly salty and only mildly spicy

. I wasn’t sure what happened. I assumed that the spices on the table were just mixed with salt, where I am used to just straight up pepper flakes and chili in oil. No matter, there is always the Thailand Tom Yum Cup Noodle waiting for me in my dorm!

After we ate, we got some ice cream. I never typically eat as much ice cream as I do when I visit Japan, because amazing flavors are available here. I’ve seen flavors range from sweet potato to the ever-famous sakura blossom. Today, however, I had gotten very little sleep, so I opted for a coffee float. This choice did not disappoint! A perfectly rich, bold, eye-opening brew blended with Hokkaido cream (a smooth, velvety sweet cream with a subtle tartness) was just what I needed. At this point, to my excitement, I beheld all kinds of adorable and ridiculously tiny puppies in a shop nearby! If you know me, you know I’m not only an animal lover, but a dog fanatic. There was no self-control upon witnessing this array of cuteness. Sadly we did not have time to pet any of them, as we were making our way to the Sony Science Explora Museum!

We had a really good time figuring out how all of the contraptions and games worked. It was like stepping into another world for a few minutes. There were glasses that had green and purple lenses that made you see a different color in each eye. There was a table that picked up when you made a shadow, and thus would create an animal digitally on the table after picking up what you were trying to “put down,” so to speak. If you can go through not only this museum, but also this town, I highly recommend it, as there is so much to occupy yourself with.

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