Japan Study Abroad: Post Sixteen

I highly recommend not only this tour, but Asahi’s products if you have the chance.


Welcome to our sixteenth post here in Japan! Today we went to the Asahi beer factory. Asahi is a well-known brand and owns much more than just beer! They also make a variety of sodas and snacks.

The tour started by going into a theater to watch the short introductory film about how the beer is manufactured before walking through the factory. I was really impressed with the level of scientific research that takes place during the fermenting process! They observe the cultures with a microscope to ensure quality. After the beer becomes ready to drink, a team of professional taste testers samples small amounts of the drafts in order to give an adequate reading before the beer is sent off to stores. This might seem like the best job ever, but make no mistake – this job requires a lot of focus and has an intense requirements. One of the tests to qualify for the job is to be able to taste the difference between a beer that is about to go bad and a beer that is a week out of date. That timing is pretty close together!

As we went through the factory, we were able to see the cans being made and bottles getting sterilized. It was really neat to be able to see every step behind production. I always wonder how things are made.OtherAsahiProducts

At the end of the tour, the staff members presented us with a myriad of Asahi brand sodas to try for free! I gave the Mitsuya Cider a try and was not disappointed. It has a similar mouth feel and flavor to sprite, but crisper, as though less sugar is used. I really enjoyed it. They also make Mitsuya Cider candies that are quite a sensation. It feels like you are eating soda if you can imagine that! I highly recommend not only this tour, but Asahi’s products if you have the chance.

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