Japan Study Abroad: Post Fifteen

I’ve never seen so many noodles in one place!


Welcome back! By now, I’m sure we have all heard of ramen noodles. Internationally, ramen has made contact in some form or fashion. Growing up, I remember my mom making me the noodles that came in the plastic packaging from Maruchan. Upon learning more about the food culture in Japan, I realized that ramen was a general way of referring to a delicious bowl of noodle soup complete with vegetables, meats, and other toppings.

Since coming to Japan for study abroad, I have noticed how popular the Nissin brand has become. This is the company that owns Cup Noodle, and we had the privilege of taking a tour of the museum in Yokohama!

The inventor of Cup Noodle is the late Momofuku Ando. During the post-war period in Japan, there was still a shortage of food. After many failed attempts, Momofuku arrived at the idea of flash-frying the noodles to dry and preserve them until time for them to be prepared for the consumer’s enjoyment. Once hot water is added – presto! The hot water delivers a satisfying meal in a convenient portable cup.

When we went to the museum, we saw a short film explaining such history to us. Then we went to create our very own cups! First we personalized and colored the our cups with markers at a table. Then we took our cups to a line where attendants helped us choose our ingredients before sealing them up. After this, we were given interesting bags that inflated to carry our cup noodles!

As we walked through the rest of the museum, we saw an exhibit of cup noodles through time. I’ve never seen so many noodles in one place! It was really interesting to see how the packaging has changed through the years. I’m excited to try my cup noodle. I’m saving it for when I get back to America, so that I can savor more tastes of Japan!

Nissin Cup Noodle Museum

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